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Stargate Atlantis S05E12 720p HDTV x264-CTU [eztv]
Video > HD - TV shows
1.09 GiB (1173098889 Bytes)
2008-10-18 05:48:42 GMT
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what format is ".mkv"??
matroska. look for "lazy mans mkv"
I googled it and found the download, thanks!
dumbasses should be questioning why a 1 hr show is 1GiB

They use to release a "high quality" version first
and later one that are about 300mb smaller in size.
So if you do not like this version just wait a few hours. I dwnload it to try if I can play it (I have a slow computer) without to much "lagg" :P
.mkv is an mpeg4 package that uses h264 and 6.1 dts or 5.1 ac3 surround sound. if you want to play on your computer then download a free program for mac or pc called VLC(video lan client) it plays every format there is. if you want to play on a ps3 or xbox then you have to re-encode the file to an .mp4 or .mpeg4 or .mov

good luck
What happened to the 350MB format?
This is rediculous, I have a 10 mb connection, and am getting less then a emule throughput with only a few sharers. So far the only thing I can say about MKV is that it doesn't like transferring. Plus the 350 MB downloads provide an excellent video quality in their right. Not everyone and probably a lot us will be sticking with reasonable quality compared to indecent download times for these HD files. Sorry, that is just the way the cookie crumbles.
EZTV, thanks for all the past 350 MB files, but I seriously hope you intend to upload a similar file for this episode as there is absolutely no reason for 5 KB transfer on a 10 mb connection with this many seeders and peers. I can wait, and so will many others.
WTF is this the only fuckin version of 5x12??? that is on piratebay? i mean fuck 1.06gb why the fuck i you stop with the 350kb episodes?? there is no reason at all to se atlanyis in so called high rez it only takes up more space on the computer for no reason at all anyway eztv fuck you very much for ruining my saturday thanks alot!
"plaasjapie" and wtf is wrong with you u dont think he knows he's DL from the piratebay? and stealing this episode? seriously! wtf would he even comment if he didnt know that you stupid bitch!
350 MB file for this episode now exists. Sorry I didn't copy/paste the url.
I immediately started getting my regular download speeds with far fewer seeders and peers. Anyone want to tell me why with so many fewer seeders and leechers that my download speed increased by a factor far greater then 10x.
"WIKIDCLOWN" no i think in total i have 4 terrabyte with 3 terra filled with movies and series such as stargate smallville heroes seaquest my name is earl 2,5men boondocks, above and beyond and many many many many more i am a collector wich means i have all the episodes of certain series alla sesons etc and i want them the same size as eachother if it is a specific series! thats all!
Hanto1952 - WHERE??? please share.... i normally luv all ez's stuff, but this is taking too long for me. I don't need superior quality, i'm not going to save it. I just missed the show last night.

This will be out on DVD before it finishes downloading.
never mind... found it! :D
4h14min to dl 70% ;P this downloaad is now having a race with alot of the 350 mb dls available ;P lol im entertaining myself with looking at several dls of the same frikkin show..
It's great that the largest version is uploaded first. There will always come 350 versions later, at least for a while, for a few months longer. But they are unneccesary, really, these days.
will u lot stop whingeing. u sound like a load of old woman. the mkv file is great quality. thats why its bigger if u dont want wait for the smaller file. its nice to have the option. sheesh.
this format is terrable not even VLC player plays it well, most scenes almost jump and meld, sound also isnt on the mark dont bother downloading go for avi or somthing more versitile.
Great quality! Nice picture and good sound.
Badknox you n00b, it´s your computer thats to slow.... The file is PERFECT...! Get some juice under the hood instead....
A 4850e with a mainboard and 2gb RAM costs about 250 dollars. That should do it..!